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DaHo Hollow Needle Kits
DaHo Loop Needles
DaHo Reverse Latch Needles
Smitty Hollow Needle Kit
Smitty Latch Needle Kit
BHP Needle Wallet

DaHo Needle Kits

From single spectra splicing needles, to reverse latch needles, to multi-needle kits, DaHo Products hollow splicing needles are top quality and an excellent value. Each kit includes an instruction manual and comes double packed in waterproof tubing. Click here for the complete Daho Products catalog.
BHP Needle Kit

The BHP Needle Kit contains 7 splicing needles and 3 reverse latch needles. Made by DaHo, these needles have excellent polish and point, and will insert 50lb-200lb leaders. Each kit includes an instruction manual and comes double packed in waterproof tubing. Available with a BHP Needle Wallet. Just click on the item#.
Smitty Hollow Needle Kit

The Smitty needle set is an economical hollow spectra splicing kit that contains seven stainless needles for use with 30lb-300lb mono, plus two loop pullers. Smitty needles are 6" long and completely hollow; inserting and holding mono is easy. These needles work with hollow spectra sizes 60lb-300lb.
Smitty Latch Needle Kit

The Smitty latch needle kit is for use with hollow core braided lines to make spliced end loops and spliced line connections. The kit has three different size needles for 60lb-300lb braided lines.
BHP Needle Wallet

The new BHP Needle Wallet is custom-stitched using lightweight polyester webbing and designed to easily organize all of your DaHo splicing needles. Hand-made in the USA, the wallet features low-profile velcro fasteners and 4 pockets for needle storage. The 4"x7" BHP Wallet provides water-resistant rigid protection for delicate needles and lies flat in your rigging kit.
DaHo Needle Line Size Charts

Here are two handy DaHo Needle line size charts, designed to help select the correct needle for various monofilament and fluorocarbon line classes. These charts will assist the customer in selection of the proper needle size for their line. Click for the DaHo Needle Charts.

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